Bounce Metronome 4.2

Bounce Metronome 4.2: Bounce conductor continually helps you keep in time. Polyrhythms, odd time,... RHYTHMS * Simple and compound time 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8 * All time signatures including odd, such as 5/4, 7/4, 11/4 etc * Swing * Drum rudiments such as paradiddles * Polyrhythms * Additive rhythms (or mixed meters) * Flamenco Compas * You also get super -complex metronome rhythms such as: * 4/4 over 4/3 type polyrhythms for Math Metal etc. * 4/4 + 7/8 type additive rhythms for Jazz * Cycles of polyrhythms as in Indian music * Additive rhythms

Easy Biorhythms Calculate high, low & critical periods of biorhythms - multilingual printouts
Easy Biorhythms

rhythms to display astrological information. - general astrological information for each person in database can be displayed on screen or printed out. - can maintain biorhythm information on over 60,000 people in one database. - "Names in History" displays bio-rhythm information on over 500 historical personages. - optional notes allow you to make and store personalized interpretations for each biorhythm chart. - biorhythm charts can be calculated

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Metronome and Polyhythm player 3.0: Play rhythms and complex polyrhythms, with many options
Metronome and Polyhythm player 3.0

rhythm practice and explorations. It introduces many capabilities not normally found in metronomes - such as polyrhythms, long bars, syncopated rhythms and so on. You can play all those in an easy and intuitive way - with no need for music notation. You can play simple and compound rhythms with any number of beats to the bar. You can play any number of rhythms simultaneously to build up polyrhythms - such as three and four beats played simultaneously

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MB Biorhythm Compatibility 1.0: MB Biorhythm Compatibility is helps find the biorhythm compatibility.
MB Biorhythm Compatibility 1.0

rhythm chart represents a range of days before and after the target day. The numbers -14, +14 across the top, indicate the dates ranging from the past to the future. The numbers from +100% (maximum) to -100% (minimum) indicate the position of the cycles on a particular day. In general, a rhythm at 0% is thought to have no real impact on your life, whereas a rhythm at +100% (a high) would give you an edge in that area, and a rhythm at -100% (low)

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Restore drum rhythm game 9: Restore rhythm. Listen and repeat music free online music flash game. ear traini
Restore drum rhythm game 9

Restore rhythm ear training. Listen and repeat rhythm. Free online rhythm flash game. This educational games for children and adults can now learn rhythm the fun way! This is educational online software rhythm game. It is a true computer game with all the bells and whistles. It both entertain and educate, and make boring music education and solfege a thing of the past.

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Rhythm`n`Chords MIDI FX 2.6.2: Rhythm`n`Chords is the most convenient tool for creating guitar parts in MIDI.
Rhythm`n`Chords MIDI FX 2.6.2

Rhythm`n`Chords is the most convenient and powerful tool for creating guitar accompaniment parts in MIDI format. We offer a mind-blowing Guitar Rhythm Pattern Library for Rhythm`n`Chords, containing thousands of top-shelf guitar rhythm phrases and techniques, copied from real guitar parts ever played by the World`s most acclaimed musicians and bands.

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Salsa Rhythm Machine 3.1.0: Teaches salsa-dance students how to find the elusive rhythm in salsa music.
Salsa Rhythm Machine 3.1.0

The Salsa Rhythm Machine teaches salsa-dance students how to find the elusive rhythm in salsa music. It plays music while displaying the beat-count, and gives helpful hints about how to find the one-count. The program also has a testing feature that the student can use to see if he or she really can stay on the rhythm. On the Basic Step window, the student can see two feet icons moving to the rhythm, and can follow along.

dancing, rueda, ritmo, latin music, dance, rhyhtm, rhythm, salsa

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